Research Impact Library Advisory Service (RILAS)

Applying for a grant? Need assistance with research publication impact metrics?

Do you know:
How often you are cited?
Where you are cited?
How to measure the impact of your output?
Journal impact measures for key journals?
Your h-index?

The University Library can assist researchers to determine the impact of their publications and other research outputs for grant applications and academic promotions. The service preferably requires two-weeks delivery time. For more information seeĀ


2 Responses to “Research Impact Library Advisory Service (RILAS)”

  1. Alan Mathews says:

    i am interested to hear if there is a research impact measure specific and most suited to ancient history and classics.

    1. Mark says:

      For some general information on research impact measurement, the University Library has a LibGuide on research impact. The tools for measurement are much more appropriate for Medicine and the Sciences than they are for the Arts & Humanities, however. A citation database such as Scopus, for example, includes prestigious ancient history journals such as ‘The Journal of Roman Studies’ or ‘Classical Antiquity’ but the citation rates are very low. This is not a reflection on the quality of the research being published but is a result of the slower rate at which that research is disseminated or the often highly specialised nature of the research. Far fewer journals in the Arts & Humanities are indexed, which also limits the effectiveness of citation indexes for these areas.

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