Compare submission criteria and acceptance times of over 3,500 medical journal

PubsHub: Journals & Congresses is a database of submission criteria for nearly 6,000 peer-reviewed medical journals and congresses. It gives users the ability to quickly evaluate, compare and analyse submission criteria for relevant journals and congresses, making it easier to find the most appropriate venue for your next article or presentation.

Information is provided in a sortable table format, which allows quick evaluation and comparison of submission criteria. Journal information includes: impact factor, circulation, rejection rates, and time to acceptance. Congress information includes: frequency, attendees, associations, and abstract due-dates.

University of Melbourne staff and students can access PubsHub via the Library Catalogue’s’ list of databases. From the PubsHub front page, use the ‘Journals’ or ‘Congresses’ tabs across the top of the screen, then browse by specific subject area.

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