One Response to “Lost Science – protecting research data through improved archiving”

  1. Christine Moje says:

    The other message(s)for me are ‘lack of funding’ and ‘archival expertise on the team’. Karen E. Simmons advocates adequate resources to curate post-mission data, and who are dedicated to follow-up its preservation and timely availability. She addresses the funding problem in suggesting a post-mission archiving grant, which is an attractive proposal that can be applied to many research data collection ‘archives’.
    For example, ‘living’ resources based on archival / research data that is dynamic, i.e. changing over time, for example a biographical encyclopedia, require ongoing maintenance (curation of data) to keep the data set up to date, ensuring its validity and high quality as an educational resource. Unfortunately, funding for such ongoing curation is most often neglected,and not necessarily limited to small projects.

    What also struck after reading the article was that the 20/20 hindsight vision in the description of the lack of processes in place that lead to the loss of the data is, on a positive note, a good case of ‘learning from mistakes’. The admission of the errors made is a first step in acknowledging the need (and desire) to look for better ways.

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