New Online Databases via the University Library

The Library has recently acquired the following electronic resources:

Early European Books : printed sources to 1700

Early European Books traces the history of printing in Europe from its origins through to the close of the seventeenth century, offering full-colour, high-resolution facsimile images of rare and hard-to-access printed sources.  Early European Books has within its scope all works printed in Europe before 1701, regardless of language, together with all pre-1701 works in European languages printed further afield. It builds upon and complements Early English Books Online (EEBO) and is largely concerned with non-Anglophone materials.  The Library has access to Collections 1-4.


Jewish Life in America, c1654-1954

Jewish Life in America makes available to scholars some of the American Jewish Historical Society’s most important and valuable archival collections, exploring the history of Jewish communities in America from their first arrival in New York in 1654 to the integral part that they play today.


London Low Life

London Low Life is a full-text searchable resource, containing colour digital images of rare books, ephemera, maps and other materials relating to 18th-, 19th– and early 20th-century London. It is designed for both teaching and study, from undergraduate to research students and beyond.  In addition to the digital documents, London Low Life contains a wealth of secondary resources, including a chronology, interactive maps, essays, online galleries and links to other useful websites.


Eighteenth Century Journals: Additional module, Part V


Foreign Office Files for China, 1919-1948

The three parts of this collection make available all British Foreign Office files dealing with China, Hong Kong and Taiwan between 1919 and 1948: 1) 1919-1929: Kuomintang, CCP and the Third International 2) 1930-1937: The Long March, Civil War in China and the Manchurian Crisis 3) 1938-1948: Open Door, Japanese War and the Seeds of Communist Victory.


Mass Observation Online

This database from the University of Sussex provides material for the study of British social history from 1937 to 197. It contains original manuscript and typescript papers created and collected by the Mass Observation organisation, together with printed publications, photographs and interactive maps,


Rock and Roll, Counterculture, Peace & Protest (Popular culture in Britain and America, 1950-1975): Additional module, Part II

Rock and Roll explores the dynamic period of social, political and cultural change between 1950 and 1975. The resource offers thousands of colour images of manuscript and rare printed material as well as photographs, ephemera and memorabilia from this exciting period in our recent history.


Nixon Years, 1969-1974

This collection provides the complete FCO 7 and FCO 82 files from The British National Archives, Kew, for the entire period of the Nixon administration, 1969-1974. Top level Anglo-American discussions and briefing papers dominate this collection. There is also a wealth of material on social conditions, domestic reforms, trade, culture and the environment.  These files allow scholars and researchers the opportunity to assess, from a British, European and Commonwealth perspective, Nixon’s handling of numerous Cold War crises, his administration’s notable achievements, as well as his increasingly controversial activities and unorthodox use of executive powers culminating in Watergate and resignation.

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