Did you know… you can raise your research profile using ORCID and Trove?

The National Library Australia and Trove is now adding Australian researchers—from world renowned experts to new graduate researchers at the start of their careers—to its People and Organisations zone. Prominent examples are Marcia Langton and David Karoly. Trove uses ORCID profiles to populate these entries, including a biography, authored papers, and details of research grants, retrieving all this information from the ORCID profile. Currently Trove contains records of nearly 6000 Australians with public ORCID profiles and new ones are added daily as researchers create their own ORCID profile and make it public. University of Melbourne now provides Trove with ORCIDs in all the publication records we submit to them and was the first institution to do so. A Trove user can click on a ORCID in a publication record to access the detailed researcher’s profile. Any new ORCIDs that are found by Trove are automatically linked to their biography and added into the People and Organisations zone.

In the past 12 months the number of researchers in Trove has multiplied 6 times, with most researching in medicine, physical sciences and education. From the Trove Blog: Where are the humanities researchers – the historians and literature experts? Where are the economists and the political scientists?

The Trove website and blog provides some useful tips to expand your profile on Trove using ORCID:

  • Include a DOI the next time you submit a publication record to the institutional repository. Include this DOI as one of the publications in your ORCID profile.
  • Include the ARC or NHMRC grant number in the publication record.

Trove adds new researchers daily and existing researchers monthly.

Peta Humphreys, Science & Engineering Librarian, University of Melbourne Library

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