Introduction to the Alveo Virtual Laboratory for Speech and Language Research


Alveo is a VL platform that combines a repository for language data: audio, video, text and associated metadata and annotations. The Alveo platform incorporates the Galaxy Workflow Engine, originally developed to support Bio-informatics research, to present language processing tools in a web-based environment that can make complex tools easier to use and has the potential to enable non-technical researchers to use cloud computing resources.

The goal of Alveo is to make sharing data easier a to make running complex speech and language processing tools easier for non-technical researchers. The data Alveo holds includes the Austalk corpus – a collection of speech from more than 800 speakers around Australia. This collection is of interest to a range of researchers from speech technology to acoustic phonetics and forensics.

BYO laptop

Date: Thursday 13th July, 1-3pm.
Venue: Digital Lab, Level 2 Digital Studio Arts West building (Take the lift in the rear foyer).
Enquiries: contact the SCIP Office @

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