Open Access and the Research Literature: Retaining your Rights as an Author – Researcher@Library Week 2017


Researchers customarily hand over copyright in their research papers to publishers. However, the digital world offers new possibilities for authorial control in retaining, assigning and licensing copyright.  As funding agencies increase their commitment to Open Access (OA), authors need to better understand how to assert control. As part of the Researcher@Library Week 2017, this session will explore these issues in the context of the ARC’s revised OA policy and national and international developments aimed at the rapid extension of open access to the research literature.


Date: Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Time: 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Venue: Singapore Theatre, Melbourne School of Design (Building 133)


  • Dr. Virginia Barbour (Director, Australasian Open Access Strategy Group)
  • Justin Withers (Director, Research Policy and Integrity, Australian Research Council)
  • UoM academic – TBA
  • Stephen Cramond (Manager, Institutional Repository, Research and Collections)
  • Jenny McKnight (Research Consultant, Open Access, Research and Collections)


Click here or more information about the session and to register for your spot; and view the full program here.

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