Turn your next paper into an infographic

Infographic created by Tanja Ivacic-Ramljak (Liaison Librarian (Learning & Teaching) – Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences), University of Melbourne.

Infographics are a great choice when it comes to communicating your research to a public, general and wide audience, from researchers who have the same interest with you to people who might use your research outside academia.

If you have been following our Researcher@Library blog for a while, you might still remember our resources for use of poster and infographics from the 23 Research Things, as well as information about the ePoster competition as part of Researcher@Library Week 2017 – read the summary post here.

This week, the blog will introduce another “How-to” guide on turning a research paper into an infographic, written by Mark Reed and Anna Sutherland. An easy-to-follow introduction to creating meaningful and designer-worthy output for researchers who are stuck trying to come up with ideas to visualise their research findings, the authors explained the process in 6 steps:

  1. Extract your key messages
  2. Simplify your language
  3. Visualise your key messages
  4. Come up with a layout
  5. Convert to graphics
  6. Have a plan for communicating your infographic

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