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The Social & Cultural Informatics Platform (SCIP) at the University of Melbourne is hosting a series of seminars on data wrangling and visualisation to help you with your work and research.

These seminars provide an introduction to using Excel and Tableau for data-related work in research and business reporting. Both software tools allow you to edit, clean, transform, modify and explore your data, without needing any advanced programming skills.  Excel has become the ubiquitous desktop tool for working with tabular data. Tableau is a widely used business analytics tool that makes it easy to combine multiple views of their data into one analytics tool.Come to these sessions to see some simple yet powerful tricks for working with data.

NB: Each of the three sessions below is run twice, with dates and venue detailed below.

Session 1:  Introduction

  • Excel Topics: How to save valuable time, by transforming many rows of raw data at the same time
  • Tableau Topics: Getting started, Overview of the Tableau workspace, Connecting to Data

Date & venue: May 9 3pm-4pm (The Lab, Level 2 Digital Studio, Arts West)

                    or May 16 3pm-4pm (Room Q218, MGSE, 234 Queensberry St).


Session 2:  Deep Dive A

  • Excel Topics: Joining tables (vlookup), Cleaning up name variants using lookup tables, Removing duplicate rows safely
  • Tableau Topics: Communicating with data, Creating Basic Charts, Discrete vs. Continuous Data, Calculated Fields

Date & venue: May 23 3pm-4pm (The Lab, Level 2 Digital Studio, Arts West)

                    or May 30 3pm-4pm (Room Q217, MGSE, 234 Queensberry St).


Session 3:  Deep Dive B

  • Excel Topics: Working with text and qualitative data in Excel, Searching and filtering data sets, String functions
  • Tableau Topics: Using Maps to Visualize Spatial Data, Creating Dashboards and Story Points.

Date & venue: Jun 6 3pm-4pm (The Lab, Level 2 Digital Studio, Arts West)

                    or Jun 13 3pm-4pm (Room Q217, MGSE, 234 Queensberry St).


Register now! For all other enquiries, please contact Geordie Zhang at Happy wrangling!

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