Six Things to Do Now You’ve Got an ORCID iD

Image by PublicDomainPictures via pixabay (CC0)

Registering for your iD is just the first step. To fully benefit from ORCID, you need to use your iD. ORCID recommend making connections between yourself and your professional activities and affiliations.

Congratulations if you are already using your iD, and have given the Minerva Elements (University of Melbourne’s research output collection and management system), your publishers, or your funders permission to add information to your ORCID record.

If you’re not, find out more about how to do make trusted connections and how to make the most of ORCID in Six Things to Do Now You’ve Got an ORCID iD.┬áIt’s very easy: just sign into your ORCID account when an organization asks you to connect your iD and give them permission to update your record. For example, a journal can add information about your authored publications. You can also easily add information yourself, using one of ORCiDs handy wizards.

The more connections in your record, the more you benefit from easier information sharing, reduced manual entry in forms, and improved search and discovery in many research information databases. Distinguish yourself – and be in control of how your work is represented – by using your ORCID iD!


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