Qualtrics – Powerful Survey Tool for Staff and Graduate Researchers

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Qualtrics is an online survey tool that allows users to easily create surveys, design them collaboratively and share responses with others.  The intuitive design makes creating appealing surveys easy.  There are 16 sophisticated question types with many variations on their set up. The Qualtrics advanced features include embedded data, advanced branching, display logic, filters on reporting plus many others.

Surveys can be distributed via several methods including email, anonymous links, personal links to track individual responses, social media and QR codes.

The University of Melbourne provides all staff and research students with access to Qualtrics Research Core, a powerful survey tool that allows users to easily create, design and distribute surveys for a variety of teaching, learning and research needs.  

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Premium Access Features:

  • Single sign-on to Qualtrics with University credentials
  • Unlimited survey creation
  • Unlimited survey responses
  • Unlimited emails
  • Ability to distribute surveys via multiple channels
  • Ability to share surveys for creation or to analyse survey results collaboratively within the University or with other Qualtrics users
  • Analysis of open text responses that can be exported to Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Data analysis tools
  • Qualtrics reports and filters on reports, including export options for further analysis
  • 24 hour support via the Qualtrics website by clicking ‘Help’ within Qualtrics
  • University-wide, Faculty or department survey Libraries, graphics Libraries and email Libraries to share surveys, images or email templates
  • Faculty, department or institutional templates for a standard look of surveys
  • Most University of Melbourne affiliated research institutions are included in the licence

Support and Resources

Qualtrics is supported by Learning Environments. Any questions regarding accounts, usage and training can be submitted through the LMS and Learning Technologies support request form. 

Unimelb guides:
Getting started with Qualtrics
Qualtrics and the LMS 

Qualtrics.com help guides:
Qualtrics support guides
Overview of the My Projects page
Creating a new project or survey
Editing your survey
Distributing your survey
Data and analysis
Results and reporting


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