Thesis Reveal: Does open access publishing limit other publishing options?

Image by Morningbookphotos via pixabay


Are you a graduate researcher conflicting over whether to publish your research on open access or through a commercial form of scholarly publishing? This particular PhD thesis will give you some insights to prove that you may not have to decide between the two.

The thesis, ‘Beyond black and white: Aborigines, Asian-Australians and the national imaginary’ is our second most downloaded open access thesis in Minerva Access (University of Melbourne’s Institutional Repository). The thesis examines how Aboriginality, ‘Asianness’ and whiteness have been imagined in the Federation from 1901 to present.

As well as the thesis being placed on open access, the author, Peta Stephenson’s research has been published as a book. Her book, ‘The outsiders within: telling Australia’s Indigenous-Asian story‘ was written based on her thesis and was published by the UNSW press.

Making your thesis open access does not necessarily limit your options of publishing in other platforms; therefore, consider how you can maximise your research impact.

Learn more about this thesis and read the University of Melbourne’s LibGuide on publishing your thesis as a book.

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