Objects of Fame – Exhibition at Grainger Museum

Melbourne produced two international stars of classical music – Nellie Melba and Percy Grainger – in the decades surrounding Federation. Adopting a name in honour of her home town, Nellie Melba made her professional debut in 1887 and became hailed as the greatest opera singer of her time. Percy Grainger was a child prodigy who forged a career of pianistic brilliance and musical innovation as the new century unfolded. Each conquered the world’s great stages, enjoyed royal approbation and public fascination. The musical talents of Melba and Grainger, who had both family and professional connections, were matched only by the fame they engendered.

Presented by Grainger Museum and Arts Centre MelbourneObjects of Fame showcases these two extraordinary Australians. This exhibition also offers opportunities to consider fame in the context of today’s technology-focused culture that allows performers to become ‘famous’ in ways that Grainger and Melba could never have conceived.


The exhibition opens until the end of March to the public, details as follow:

Date and time: 21 September 2018 – 31 March 2019

Location: Grainger Museum, Gate 13, Royal Parade, University of Melbourne, Parkville VIC 3010.


Find out more information on the exhibition and how to get there. Information about other events at the museums can be found on the Grainger Museum site.

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