Think. Check. Attend. – Your guide to avoiding predatory conferences

Image by crystal710 via pixabay

Predatory conferences (conferences promoted to fraudulently make money from attendance fees) are becoming an increasingly common part of academic life. When you receive emails to invite you to attend conferences, how do you know which one is legitimate, and which one is a spam invitation to collect registration fees for one that doesn’t exist?

Mohamad Mostafa presents the guide, titled Think. Check. Attend. initiative, to help academics and researchers in choosing the right conferences to attend. Considered a sister initiative with Think. Check. Submit., which provides suggestions on publishing, Think. Check. Attend. is designed to act as a tool to help with these decisions and to support you to select only trustworthy and authentic conferences. The initiative is aimed at a wide range of stakeholders in the scholarly community; researchers, librarians, funders and publishers, to help them understand what constitutes a predatory conference and how to avoid them.

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