E-Resources@UoM: Therapeutic Guidelines – eTG Complete app now available!

The full collection of Therapeutic Guidelines via the eTG Complete app is now available for University of Melbourne staff and students. The collection comprises 2,500 clinical topics and 3,500 drug recommendations that are independent of government and the pharmaceutical industry. This unique Australian digital resource is essential for medical, nursing, pharmacy and health sciences practitioners and can be utilised at the point of care from a mobile device.

What’s new on Therapeutic Guidelines?

The Endocrinology guidelines have been split into three new guidelines – Diabetes, Bone and Metabolism, and Sexual Reproductive Health. Updates of the latter two titles are expected later in 2019. The new Diabetes, version 1 has just been released and covers all types of diabetes, including drug-induced hyperglycaemia. The update provides comprehensive new information on hospital and community management options.  The new release also features a comparative drug table and handy downloadable information sheets.

The Ulcer and Wound Management guidelines section has just been extensively revised. Focusing on individualised patient-centred therapy, it includes advice on how to optimise the treatment and prevention of common ulcers and wounds including skin tears, surgical wounds, abrasions, haematomas and pressure injuries. Also included is a new topic on minor burns and a guide to starting compression therapy.

It is possible to use the app offline and download the content to your device, for the details see the instructions for institutional users. Access the database or subscribe to Researcher@Library blog for more tips and resources to assist your research!

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