2019 Journal Citation Reports

Image via Clarivate Analytics

Clarivate Analytics have released the 2019 edition of Journal Citation Reports (JCR), which provide a combination of impact and influence metrics for over 11,000 journals from 2018 data.

“This latest release extends the run of an annual event that stretches back nearly a half-century.”

“In that time, the JCR has evolved, with its measurements for journal evaluation refined, expanded, and elucidated. This year is no exception, as the JCR continues its progression from a vehicle for citation-based journal metrics to a comprehensive platform for journal intelligence.” 

– Keith Collier, Clarivate Analytics Blog

This analysis is based on citation data, impact and influence metrics, and millions of cited and citing journal data points from the Web of Science database.

The 2019 Revitalisation of JCR includes:

  • 283 new journals
  • 11,877 journals in total from 81 countries
  • 236 research categories

Find more information in the Clarivate Analytics blog.

“Publishers, librarians, researchers, and others depend on the JCR to track specific titles, inform the maintenance of journal collections, and identify the best-fit journals in which to publish. Grounded in the meticulous selection and curation of top journals, and subject to constant editorial vigilance and quality control covering the integrity of the data and the development of new measures, the JCRremains an essential resource.” x

Visit the JCR website to explore what’s available.

Access to JCR is available for University of Melbourne staff and students via the Library online catalogue.

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