Identifiers: the key to connected research

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ORCID, DOI, IGSN, RAiD!  Alphabet soup?


Australian Research Data Commons explains these commonly used and misunderstood unique identifiers and why they are so crucial in ensuring that researchers and their research data/outputs are linked and trackable.

Identifiers connect research data/outputs to important contextual information.


“Identifiers are also used to provide persistent access to outputs via a clickable link such as a DOI or digital object identifier. Importantly, when used in a citation, identifiers support attribution and the collection of usage metrics. That is why there are services to create and manage persistent¬†identifiers for research data, research samples, software, researchers and research projects.”

– ARDC, read more.


Take a look at these identifier services provided by ARDC to create and manage the unique identifiers for your research data/outputs now.



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