Pencils out for the International #ColourOurCollections Festival

It’s time to get creative, because this year the International #ColourOurCollections Festival comes to the University of Melbourne!

What is it?

#ColourOurCollections is a social media-based colouring festival. Libraries, archives, and other cultural institutions around the world share materials from their collections for free, inviting their followers to colour and get creative with their collections.

Join us & celebrate our vibrant collections

Four unique University of Melbourne #ColourOurCollections bookmarks have been created from our Rare Music Collections. These are available from the Baillieu Library (Ground Floor), and for download by clicking this link. Collect, colour and share your favourites via @unilibrary Instagram or Twitter, and University Yammer. Remember to tag your post with #ColourOurCollections!

Upload your images to win

We are also running a social media competition for University students throughout February and March, so keep an eye out for their interesting designs on @unilibrary channels too. Find out more about the competition here.

1) Woodcut from André Campra, L’Europe galant: ballet en musique, 1698,
2) Engraving from Pierre Borjon de Scellery, Traité de la musette, 1672,
3) Engraving from M. (André Cardinal) Destouches, Amadis de Grece: tragédie en musique, 171,
4) Woodcut from Pascal Collasse, Les Saisons: ballet, 1695

Read more about the illustrations from books dating from the late 17th to early 18th centuries here.

Tom Keukenmeester, Communication and Engagement Co-ordinator, and Lisa O’Sullivan, Program Manager, Cultural Collections

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