New E-Resources Trials

Two new SAGE E-Resource trials have be made available for UniMelb researchers until March 31st. These resources aim to enhance research skills as well as allow researchers to master data analysis with hands-on practice. Please remember to give feedback to the library regarding your experience with either of these trials.

SAGE Research Methods Video (Trial)

Catalogue record, available from: SAGE Research Methods Video (Trial).
TRIAL ENDS 31 March 2020

SAGE Research Methods Video provides hundreds of video titles showing research in action to help users build their skills as they prepare to conduct original research.

Content and Features:

  • Includes tutorials, case study videos, expert interviews and an entire 15-hour introductory statistics course.
  • Covers every aspect of research skills training and guides students through every step of the research process.
  • Contains 484 video titles, 70% of which are exclusive to SAGE.

SAGE Research Methods Datasets (Trial)

Catalogue record, available from: SAGE Research Methods Dataset (Trial).
TRIAL ENDS 31 March 2020

This trial is for users looking to master quantitative or qualitative data analysis. Sample data, optimized for demonstrating a method, is accompanied by a how-to guide that walks users through the analysis. Quantitative examples also include software guides for statistical analysis using SPSS, R, Stata, or Python.

Content and Features:

  • Hundreds of teaching datasets to practice qualitative and quantitative analytical methods.
  • Datasets support a range of qualitative and quantitative analytical methods and stem from research in Business, Education, Health, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.
  • Each dataset includes a description of the data, a how-to guide for applying the method in question, additional methods that can be applied to the set, static visualizations, and codebooks where necessary.

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