SPSS Home-use licenses for staff and students

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Updated information (29/04/2020)

Trial version

IBM is providing extended trial versions of SPSS Statistics to all users to assist them through the COVID-19 period. At the moment, these are end-dated to 1 June 2020. This date is subject to change, and the Student IT page for University of Melbourne students will be updated if any changes occur.

The University’s current IBM SPSS Licence Agreement SPSS is available to all University of Melbourne staff and students to use on University-managed computers. Staff are also eligible to apply and obtain a license for home use.

University of Melbourne Students
Students may purchase a license for the SPSS Grad Pack online from the Hearne Software website. The SPSS Grad Pack comes in Base, Standard, and Premium and Amos editions. Information about the SPSS Grad Pack is available here. The University’s IBM SPSS Licence Agreement does not cover computers owned by students.

University of Melbourne Staff

Staff may download SPSS from the Software Centre (Windows) or via the Self Service Portal (Mac) on University-managed computers. To download the program on a personal computer, a software installation form is required. See this Knowledge base article for installing SPSS for details.