Upcoming training 20th – 24th July 2020 | Researcher@Library & Visualise Your Thesis

Webinar | Using digital tools to publish strategically for STEMM researchers

Wednesday 22 July, 11:00am – 12:00pm. Online. (Book now)

Choosing how and where to publish your research is crucial to maximise the reach of your work. This Researcher Connect session introduces key digital tools to help graduate research students and early career researchers in STEMM disciplines identify and evaluate publishing options. If you are a graduate researcher considering submitting your thesis by publication, it is important to use the right tools when selecting where to publish to ensure maximum exposure for the research when it is published and consider open access and copyright issues well in advance. 

Webinar | File Management 101: Taming the digital chaos   

Thursday 23 July, 1:00pm-2:00pm. Online. (Book now)

Using digital technologies effectively has become a mainstream requirement for the modern scholar. But how do you manage a tsunami of file formats, storage systems, metadata standards, not to mention the latest digital tools and cloud services – when all you want to do is focus on your research question? This session will help you get organised and start managing your files and information properly. Keep track of your data and learn techniques to become a more efficient researcher by getting your file management under control. 

Webinar | Using Digital Tools to Publish Strategically for HASS Researchers

Thursday 23 July, 11:00am – 12:00pm. Online. (Book now)

This session introduces key digital tools to help graduate research students, as well as more experienced researchers in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) disciplines, identify and evaluate publishing options. The session will cover topics such as – identifying and evaluating journals in your research field, journal ranking tools, reasons to consider publishing in Open Access journals, and ethical publishing; thesis mills, predatory publishers, and how to avoid them.


Visualise Your Thesis Competition (VYT) workshops

The VYT workshops and drop-in sessions are highly recommended for those who have entered the competition or those considering entering. Visit the VYT website for more information!

VYT Drop-in sessions

Join one of our informal drop-in sessions, which will run throughout the local VYT competition. If you are an entrant or are considering entering the competition, come along to chat to the VYT team and get your competition, technical, or design questions answered. Let us know you are coming by booking a place. 

Test your entry sessions

Ready to test your Visualise Your Thesis (VYT) Competition entry? Book your place for a test run. 

These sessions are open to all University of Melbourne researchers, staff and students, and are offered as part of the Visualise Your Thesis (VYT) Competition and Researcher@Library programs. To learn more about the VYT Competition click the button below!

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