Leverage research in your teaching – #DataCreativities workshop on 14/12/2020

In 2020, COVID-19 forced most of our teaching and research online. Our work practices have had to shift, and we have needed to embrace digital tools. Zoom is a must have platform for communication. Teams, Slack, and email keep us connected with our schools, students and collaborators. Canvas is the lecture hall of 2020. But how can it be leveraged to understand and enhance how we work?

Image by #DataCreativities, licensed under a CC BY 4.0 International license

The “Digital Methods for Research-led Teaching & Learning Practices in the COVID New Normal” workshop will explore this question by discussing what data we unwittingly create through the use of these platforms, how that data can be analysed, and the kinds of research that can be produced as a result. We will then explore how the findings from this research can be used to enhance our teaching practices. The workshop will be facilitated by the #DataCreativities collaboration, a research team formed in June 2020 to explore the fast-paced shift to making, living and learning in the creative industries during times of isolation. The team come from a variety of disciplines, with a range of online teaching experiences, and a spectrum of data science skills. We use this diversity to create a workshop that provides you with a practical, user friendly set of tools which you can apply to your own research led teaching practices.

  • Date: Monday 14 December, 1:00pm – 4:30pm on Zoom

For more information on the workshop, what you can expect to take away from the event, and registration, please visit the button below:

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Guest post by Gene Melzack, a Data Steward with the Digital Stewardship (Research) team. Gene is also a part of a research team who have been using Canvas data to reflect on teaching and learning practices during COVID-19. 

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