Upcoming webinars: The what, why, and how of making your research more open

Do you want to reach wider audiences? Are you interested in research reproducibility? Do you need to disseminate your research quickly? If the answer is yes, then take a look at our upcoming Researcher@Library sessions.

These two sessions have been developed to broaden your understanding of how you can further incorporate open research into your research practice. Suitable for GRs to established researchers, and anyone in between, these sessions will highlight- and show- how it is never too early to start thinking about open research. Below is more information on each of the sessions and a link to register.

Including open in your research

This session is an introduction to Open Research which takes researchers through the what, why, and how of making your research more open. It covers:

  • The context, definitions, and types of publishing open access research;
  • Why publishing open research outputs is important to individuals, institutions, and the general public;
  • The types of open research you can publish, including journal articles, books, theses, data, software, code, and figures;
  • How to choose OA publishers;
  • Using Minerva Access to have an open research output; and
  • Considerations for copyright, embargo period, and pre-print servers

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Public Access and Your Thesis

Get an overview of everything you need to know to prepare a PhD or Masters by Research thesis for the University’s Open Access Repository.

Learning Outcomes:

  • An overview of University of Melbourne policy governing public access to graduate research theses.
  • An overview of the systems used for examination and open access publishing: TES and Minerva Access.
  • The benefits of making a thesis open access, along with a consideration of potential issues.
  • Selecting and applying embargo periods to protect commercial IP, patent applications, legally/politically sensitive information, and your ability to publish.
  • Managing 3rd-party copyright.
  • Issues to be aware of early if planning to submit a thesis-with-publication

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These sessions also tie in with the launch of two updated resources; the Open Scholarship website that explains the what and the why of Open Research, and the Open Research LibGuide which is a practical toolkit that assists you in making your research open at various stages. (links coming soon)

Sessions are open to University of Melbourne staff and students

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