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In addition to original research, dissertations and theses provide comprehensive literature reviews and extensive bibliographies. Theses can be a valuable source of information, especially for topics where there are fewer published works available. The references or works cited can be useful to find further published sources on a topic. Additionally when writing a thesis it’s useful to have a look at other examples in your area.

If you are currently writing a thesis (Honours, Masters or PhD) you may want to: 

  • Check if anyone has recently completed a PhD thesis in your area of research
  • Look at PhD theses from your faculty (or supervised by your supervisor) to get an idea of how to format your thesis. 

You may also discover theses you want to read via supervisor recommendations, or a citation in a journal article or book.

Not sure how to track them down?

Our guide shows you how to find Masters and PhD theses, online and in print, from:

  • The University of Melbourne
  • Other Australian universities
  • Outside Australia

Finding Theses LibGuide

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