Develop the skills you need to draft your research data management plan

Managing Data @Melbourne

Managing Data @Melbourne is the University’s research data management general practice resource and training program. It consists of six short modules, which outline the fundamental practices of good data management.

Each module covers a different aspect of research data management and alerts you to issues around data sharing and long-term digital preservation in order to help future proof your data. Each module includes a series of brief learning objectives for you to measure your progress, a selection of texts for you to read, and a range of videos and other learning activities and quizzes, designed to encourage you to reflect upon how you organise your research data. As you work through each of the modules you are encouraged to begin completing sections of your data management plan based on the ideas, advice and processes presented in the module.

Expect to take at least an hour to complete the course, but it could be longer depending on the activities you complete; some modules may be more relevant to your own research practices than others. You are welcome to stop and come back to the modules at any time, even days or weeks apart. You can also refer back to the course content at any time.

The program is aimed predominantly at University of Melbourne graduate researchers (MPhil and PhD students) but is open to all students and staff.

Access the training program

Access to the program is via the University’s Learning Management System (LMS). All graduate researchers should already be enrolled in the program and should be able to access Managing Data @Melbourne via the ‘LMS Communities Catalogue. Other University students and staff should follow the relevant access points below. A downloadable text version is available for external users.

DMP Melbourne

To help you create a data management plan (DMP) we have an online tool DMP Melbourne which provides guidance and support for DMPs. You will learn how to use this tool as part of Managing Data @Melbourne.

For more information visit the Managing Data @ Melbourne website.


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