Digital Skills Training @ UoM for Semester 2, 2022

The Melbourne Data Analytics Platform invites graduate researchers and staff to register for our free digital research tool workshops. Connect with the UoM research community, discover how to collect and analyse data, visualise your research and work smarter not harder.

Our tools include:

  • 3D Printing with TinkerCAD, Rhino3d and Makerbot Slicer
  • LaTeX, a document preparation and high-quality typesetting system
  • MATLAB, an interactive and intuitive programming language which performs matrix manipulations especially well
  • NVivo, a qualitative data analysis tool
  • Python, a general-purpose programming language
  • R, a programming language for statistical computing and graphics

Please visit the Digital Skills Training page for more information on the availability of workshops.

If you have any queries please send them to:

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