News and Upcoming Events for June 2023

Throughout 2023 at the end of each month the Scholarly Development (Research) team will provide a snapshot of relevant scholarly research support news and events for the coming month.

Researcher@Library Webinars

Research@Library webinars have concluded for semester 1. Semester 2 webinar registrations will be up within the coming weeks. Keep an eye on our Researcher Training page for updates.

In the meantime you can access past webinar recordings from our Online Resources page.

Have a question? Get in touch with the Scholarly Development team via email:

Researcher Connect Digital Skills Training

Digital Skills Training at the University of Melbourne aims to offer high quality training, accessible to all and to build communities of researchers with similar skill development needs.

Check out and register for offerings for the month of June:

Intro to R pt.1: Working with R and RStudio
Intro to R pt.2: Demystifying Data Types
Intro to R pt.3: Into the Tidyverse!
Intro to R pt.4: Putting the R in aRt
Introduction to Python: Learn the Basics of Code

More information: Researcher Connect (

Visualise Your Thesis 2023 has launched! Come along to the next drop-in session

Visualise Your Thesis is currently open for 2023. Learn more about the programme at the next drop-in session. The session will involve:

  • opportunity to ask questions
  • get updates on the programme
  • update people on how your video is going
  • discuss how you are finding the programme

Register here: Events / VYT drop-in session 2 (

For more information about the VYT Programme visit our website: Visualise Your Thesis (

LabArchives (ELN)- Integrated workflows for the existing users

Laboratory benchtop scientific equipment with computer screen displaying results

Appropriate management of research data and research records is a responsibility of all researchers. LabArchives is a University of Melbourne supported Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) which can be used by both student and staff researchers throughout the University, to record, manage and safely store all their research data, and is accessible via SSO.

LabArchives supports collaboration, enables customization, templates, dozens of entry types and integrates with many popular endpoint solutions.

Please join us for a webinar on integrated workflows for the existing users* presented by Michele Hosking – Enterprise Success and Support Manager LabArchives 15 June 2:00-3:30PM.  Register here

*A session for new users will be held in August.

The presenter Michelle Hoskings  from LabArchives will be addressing questions – so if there is anything in particular you would like addressed or discussed in more detail please send your questions to me directly by COB 10 June that would be appreciated.

Events / LabArchives (ELN)- Integrated workflows for the existing users (

For more information on LabArchives & the use of ELN visit:

LabArchives electronic laboratory notebooks (

Sign In | LabArchives

Seamlessly Organize Your Research – LabArchives

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