We’re doing 3D printing at the University of Melbourne

ITS-Research and the University Digitisation Service (Library) are working together to explore the best way to provide digital fabrication as a service to the research community at the University of Melbourne.

Such a service would be available for use by the wider University community, with priority given to researchers—but we encourage all staff and students to experiment with the technology.

What is this “digital fabrication” of which you speak?

Digital fabrication is a technique whereby a digital 3D object, such a CAD model of a house, is produced as a physical object. There are several methods for digital fabrication such as laser cutting, CNC milling and 3D printing. We focus on 3D printing, particularly in plastics.

See the video we posted at digitalfabrication.unimelb.edu.au, in which David F. Flanders explains some of the possibilities of 3D printing.

Where can I see it?

3D Touch Printer on display at Baillieu Library

If you’re coming to the University of Melbourne Open Day this weekend (Sunday 19 August, 10am – 4pm), you can see our 3D printing display in the foyer of the Baillieu Library. Drop in and ask a few questions or head across to our Digital Fabrication web site for more information.

9 Responses to “We’re doing 3D printing at the University of Melbourne”

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  2. Jamie says:

    Can students use the 3d printer or is it only available to researchers?



    1. Bernard Meade says:

      Hi Jamie,
      The service is primarily for research activities but we do allow undergrads use the service provided they have a letter from their lecturer or supervisor stating that the use is for a study related project. Priority is still given to research projects even so.

  3. […] about engineering and design. A number of universities around Australia — including Swinburne, University of Melbourne and ANU — have purchased 3D printers and have included their use in various […]

  4. BY says:

    Hi there, is this 3D printer still on display? Just want to see it. 🙂

    1. smanos says:

      Hi there… we’d be happy to give you a mini-tour of the 3D printer =) Just get in touch with us via the form here and we’ll sort out a time =)

  5. Robert says:

    Hello, I am PhD student at Slovak republic, Central Europe.
    The topic of my disertation is about 3d printing and rapid prototyping.
    I would like to ask you wehter you have any study programs for freign sudents?

    1. Bernard Meade says:

      Hi Robert. Unfortunately we are a non-teaching department, but you might find something with our Engineering school: http://www.eng.unimelb.edu.au/research/



  6. Maedeh says:

    I am a PhD student at Melbourne University. My research is about friendship networks and I was wondering whether it is possible I use your service to print some of the prototypical networks for my department presentation.