2018 RUIAC Symposium: Diplomacies of Practice

Diplomacies of Practice: 2nd Annual Symposium on Indigenous Arts in the Academy, 19 – 23 November 2018

Convenors: Sally Treloyn and Tiriki Onus

Following three days of workshops involving artists and researchers from New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory, and Canada, in which artistic and ceremonial approaches to diplomacy, knowledge production, language/song reclamation and re-creation of cultural practice as part of caring for country were explored, enacted and reflected upon, the symposium Diplomacies of practice showcased models of community-led research and learning by Indigenous researchers, artists, cultural practitioners, rangers, and community linguists. Participants drew upon and enacted ceremony, and strengthened ties between clan, language and cultural groups. The event concluded with a demonstration of diplomacies of practice with the sharing of song, dance and ceremony on Southbank dance ground.


Photos by Nicole Paul for RUIAC. Not for reproduction.