The lab works on many topics within sustainable aquaculture and fisheries, and more broadly in aquatic and terrestrial ecology. Within aquaculture, we try to solve the environmental and animal welfare problems aquaculture creates by working both inside and outside aquaculture systems.


  • ecological effects of aquaculture on surrounding ecosystems
  • fundamental aspect of fish welfare
  • techniques and technologies to prevent parasite infection on farmed fish
  • short and long term effects of parasite treatments on farmed fish
  • preventing and reducing the effects of escaped fish in the wild
  • understanding the nature and extent of critically low periods of dissolved oxygen in fish farms
  • using macro-algae to mop up nutrients in coastal ecosystems
  • sea urchin aquaculture

Marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecology

  • preventing cane toad invasions
  • effects of cane toads on freshwater crocodiles
  • freshwater fishes of northern Australia