In the Press: Restorative aquaculture

A recent paper that Dr Luke Barrett’s co-authored has recently received some press in the New York Times, National Geographic, and also on The Fish Site! Together with researchers from The Nature Conservancy, the University of Adelaide, and the University of New England, Luke conducted a systematic literature review of studies that looked at habitat-related interactions associated with bivalve and seaweed aquaculture, and also conducted meta-analysis to investigate fish and mobile macroinvertebrate biodiversity at farms and reference sites. Overall, they found that bivalve and seaweed aquaculture were associated with higher abundances and species richness for macrofauna. Hence, bivalve and seaweed farming can have environmentally beneficial impacts, as they can provide structured habitat, food resources, and enhance reproduction and recruitment for a range of species.

To see the original publication published in Reviews in Aquaculture, click here.