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  1. Big Science Pitch winners in the SALTT lab

    Fletcher Warren-Myers and Luke Barrett of the SALTT lab competed in the University’s inaugural Big Science Pitch on October 28. Luke pitched a project on growing …


  2. In the Press: lice larvae temperature and salinity preferences

    One of our past Masters student Tom Crosbie’s research has been getting some recent press! As part of his Masters, Tom looked at how salmon lice …


  3. In the Press: Investigating and improving cleaner fish efficacy in farms

    As part of her Masters, Kat Gentry’s project looked at two things: if cleaner fish (multiple species of wrasse, lumpfish) efficacy was affected when used in …


  4. In the Press: Efficacy of cleaner fish as biological control agents

    Tens of millions of cleaner fish (multiple species of wrasse and lumpfish) are stocked by Norwegian salmon farmers each year to biologically control the industry’s most …


  5. In the Press: Prevention, not cure

    Managing sea lice, one of the worst parasites in salmon aquaculture, is stressful for both salmon and salmon farmers. In a new article titled Prevention not …


  6. In the Press: Restorative aquaculture

    A recent paper that Dr Luke Barrett’s co-authored has recently received some press in the New York Times, National Geographic, and also on The Fish Site! …


  7. In the Press: Gene editing to improve aquaculture

    Dr Nick Robinson’s work using CRISP-R ‘gene editing’ (which won its inventors Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2020) and the …


  8. In the Press: Luke and Andrew interviewed for recent publications

    Dr Luke Barrett and PhD student Andrew Coates from UoM both published papers on marine parasites in a recent special issue of the International Journal of …


  9. In the Press: our latest grant, and your chance to join SALTT!

    We’ve received some press on our most recently acquired grant the Green Platform project on Kyst.no. We are one of 18 aquaculture companies, supplier companies and …


  10. In the Press: Nick on the ABC

    Nick Robinson was recently interviewed about all things related to aquaculture on ABC radio. Listen in for a fascinating and far-ranging discussion here.  


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