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  1. Cleaning up our wastewater with freshwater algae

    Wastewater from treated sewage and urban and industrial run-off has a significant environmental impact on the biological integrity of our coastal marine ecosystems. The best way …


  2. In the Press: UV light could be used in fight against sea lice

    Our most recent article is gathering some attention! Click here to read the article.


  3. Zapping lice eggs to reduce infestation pressure

    In all farming systems, both researchers and farmers are always trying to find new ways to control and manage pest populations. Sea lice infestations in Atlantic …


  4. In the press: Avoiding lice infestations by paying attention to connectivity

    Research conducted by Assoc. Prof. Tim Dempster and SALTT lab alumni Dr Francisca Samsing has recently been picked up by the press. Click here to read …


  5. Wakame in Port Phillip Bay is not all bad

    Introduced species always seem to get a bad rap – they can outcompete native species, or allow other introduced species to prosper, which can ultimately reduce …


  6. How submerged cages affect salmon welfare and behaviour

    Submerged cages are an exciting new method being tested by the salmon aquaculture industry to avoid salmon lice infestations within farms. However, salmon do not cope …


  7. Methods to prevent and treat biofouling in shellfish aquaculture

    Biofouling in bivalve aquaculture can cause economic losses for the industry. Therefore, strategies such as avoidance, prevention and treatment to minimise biofouling are key. The type …