Statistical consulting provides many and varied opportunities for research collaborations. Some recent publications include:

Simpson, A., Bond, A., Loeliger, M., & Clarke, S. (2018). Speech intelligibility benefits of frequency-lowering algorithms in adult hearing aid users: a systematic review and meta-analysis. International Journal of Audiology. 57, 249-261.

Clarke, S., Hollings, T., Liu, N., Hood, G., & Robinson, A. (2017). Biosecurity risk factors presented by international vessels: a statistical analysis. Biological Invasions19(10), 2837-2850.

Royse, C. F., & Clarke, S. (2017). Satisfaction is not substantially affected by quality of recovery: different constructs or are we lost in statistics? Anaesthesia72(9), 1064-1068.

Urwin, C., McNiven, I. J., Clarke, S., Macquarie, L., & Whap, T. (2016). Hearing the evidence: using archaeological data to analyse the long-term impacts of dugong (Dugong dugon) hunting on Mabuyag, Torres Strait, over the past 1000 years. Australian Archaeology, 1-17.

Clarke, S., & Jones, S. (2015). Bayesian Estimation for Diagnostic Testing of Biosecurity Risk Material in the Absence of a Gold Standard when Test Data are Incomplete. Journal of agricultural, biological, and environmental statistics20(3), 389-408.

You can find more of my publications here.

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