Yating Wang

When I first met Jenny, it was my most difficult time because I was having communication problems with my supervisors — for English is my second language. It was actually compulsory for me to choose the subject of Science Communication during my study of Master of Biomedical Science, however, it turned out to be the most helpful subject I have ever taken in my Masters.

I have to say, Dr. Jenny Martin is a very committed and dedicated lecturer and educator — she showed to her students not only professionalism of knowledge but also incredible support and encouragement, from which I appreciated and benefited so much!

Through Jenny’s teaching, I not only learnt how to communicate effectively with my professional colleagues, but also managed good techniques to deliver scientific insights to the non-professional public. However, what was far more beneficial for me was — her kindness to students and toughness to life, which planted in my heart as an inspiring seed to help me grow up and gain confidence, little by little, become a ‘fruitful tree’ to help others back.

It was really a great chance to join the community of Science Communication, to not only open your mouth, but also open your eyes and your mind, conveying your ideas and receiving others’ perspectives at the same time. As a life-long capability, you will later on realise that the communication skills are a lot more important than knowledge itself.

I’ve just graduated with a thrilling grade for my masters — which was to a large extent due to the mastery of communication that helped me to cope with interpersonal problems and to deliver my achievements in a better way. Now I’ve moved on to the next stage in my life — preparing to be a doctor in Australia! (I am an international medical graduate). I can’t imagine how tough the job will be without knowing the knowledge and skills about how to communicate well with others efficiently and concisely, especially for doctors who have to face patients and deal with difficult cases every day!

So, I strongly encourage all of you to treasure the opportunity of learning the beautiful art of communication during your uni study — no matter what major you are doing. I’m sure it will be very beneficial for you too and will eventually lead you to incredible successes through your life!