Kate Trewin

Science Communication has been invaluable to me, first in my academic study and now in my professional career. The study of communication is important no matter your chosen path. In academia, science communication meant my presentations were always well received, understood, and engaging, my writing was cohesive and structured. This even saw me heading to America to present at a conference. In my professional career science communication has meant acing job interviews, confidently presenting in meetings and to large audiences of valuable stakeholders.

I have absolutely no doubt that the skills I learnt while studying with Jen were instrumental in landing me my dream job with BirdLife Australia as the Volunteer and Network Development Coordinator. In my role I manage the national network of BirdLife branches, BirdLife Photography, individual volunteers, the national photo competition, and so much more.

Needing to talk to such a wide variety of people – from casual bird watchers who just love nature, to dedicated birders and twitchers, to professional ornithologists – is tough. But I feel equipped and capable with the skills I learnt from UniMelbScicomm!