Mark Dorman

My name is Mark Dorman, I finished the Science Communication course in 2016 and I’m currently a Statistical Analyst in Education and Training Statistics for the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). I’m also a board member of the Commission for the Human Future, and I have hosted two podcasts: Survival Matters, which is on Spotify and Making Waves, which is still in production.

The science communication course taught me how to use stories, a strong hook and exciting language to frame scientific issues. Within the Commission, I use these skills regularly to engage the public in the science of climate change, food security, and mental health. In my work at the ABS, the science communication course also gave me the skills to communicate the technical aspects of data to government departments in a meaningful and understandable way. By taking Science Communication I did not just learn about what science communication is, I was given the opportunity to actually communicate science and technical topics in a safe and encouraging space, which built my skills and confidence and prepared me well for life outside university.