Kelsey Smith

Hello! I’m Kelsey,  a zoologist by trade but really just a science nerd at heart. I graduated UniMelb with my Master of Enviro in 2017 and since then I’ve been working for CERES Environment Park as an Outreach Educator for the ResourceSmart Schools program. My job consists of two main things – client relationships and effective communication. In a nutshell, I help schools embed sustainability across the campus, curriculum and community. I regularly deliver professional development, facilitate workshops, host seminars and explain climate science to teachers and students.

SciComm has proven to be the most useful class out of my masters (and definitely the most fun!). Without it, I would not be as effective (and engaging) at public speaking. Unscrambling relevant government jargon, and relaying it in a way that is easy for schools to absorb and implement is second nature after taking those classes. SciComm with Jenny was absolutely essential to becoming the captivating and effective communicator I am today.