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  1. Feature Friday: Curiosity Killed the Rat

    Welcome to Feature Fridays! Every Friday we’ll be highlighting awesome Science Communication happening in the world every. And what a better way to start off than …


  2. How to Fly by Flapping Your Arms

    By Haiwei Wang, 2019 Alumni Have you dreamed of soaring above the city, without being strapped to a chair in a giant metal bird? Well, now …


  3. Marsupials have their very own Superhero

    By Ingrid Crossing, 2019 AlumniĀ  You are a small marsupial, trembling in the red soil. Your fur stands on edge as the predator approaches, sniffing out …


  4. Welcome to our website!

    Thank you for your interest in Melbourne University’s Science Communication! Here on our landing page you’ll find some examples of our student’s work. We feature a …


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