The Scientist

“Are you going to apply for honours next year?”,  one of the most asked questions. It is expected since i am now in my final year, to be precise my final semester. What would be my answer?

“ Uhm…maybe”, sounds more of hesitation.

“I’m not really into lab stuffs” would be my common phrase to justify my hesitation doing honours. But somehow i do get frustrated with myself.It is because i think  scientist is the most right profession for science graduate. That is why i really adore those who want to pursue their post-graduate studies in any specialisation of science.

I never have a thought of giving up science even though i am not planning to do honours/ more specialised science in future. So i browsed all the possible options left to pursue my post-graduate study. In the end, i found one interesting option that fits me.‘Master in Biotechnology and Business’ offered by RMIT.Wow! It means i can do both science and business at the same time!

I met quite a number of passionate postgraduate students in science specialisation. Last saturday, i met this one girl while volunteering for the social event. She is currently in her second  year of PhD in Microbiology. We were having conversation generally about science, her current PhD project and undergraduate studies.

But this is markedly different from any other conversations. Her  thought of becoming scientist struck me,  “ It’s not about my deep passion in science that makes me choose this path, it’s about carrying  the responsibility”. i couldn’t say much, i found the reason is plainly noble.

The conversation is one of the significant ones, i must say. I learn that  for doing some thing is not merely about interest, but it is  also about sense of responsibility. Paracetamol  that  widely available now is  actually taking years to be developed. Thanks to the scientists for the discovery.

Many science discoveries might not be unraveled if the scientists lose interest in the middle of journey, it’s the sense of responsibility that drives them along.

Now i find commercialisation of science can be a noble path too, just like becoming a scientist. Skepticism about scientist is the most relevant career in science area, can be washed away.

Note: Emphasis on variety of science-based careers is listed in National Science Communication Strategy.

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  1. Jenny Martin says:

    That’s fantastic that you have found a course that you are excited about. You have to do whatever it is that you are passionate about!