Getting ready to go live on 3RRR!

The 3RRR studioThis morning, Bec, Esther, Nathan, Patrick, Thor and I went to visit the 3RRR studio where we will be presenting our radio show next Sunday. We watched today’s show through the studio window and had a chat about the intricacies of being part of a live radio show.

Our awesome project mentor, Dr Shane, says that the most important thing in the studio is the clock. It is synchronised with the clocks in the other 3RRR studios so that the changeover between shows is as smooth as possible, and so that no show loses time due to another one running late. Today we watched in awe as Shane skillfully ended the show within seconds of midday.

After the show we got to play with the microphones in the studio, in the hope that we don’t get put off by the sound of our own voices next week. We also learnt about some of the hand signals we can use in order to communicate with each other during the show, because our audience will hear everything that is said aloud in the studio.

So personally I’m very excited about next week! We’ll be on air on Sunday 17 October from 11am – 12pm. The station is 3RRR — 102.7 FM.  (Yes this is a plug!)

Happy listening, and we won’t see you there!

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