Return of the Science Communicator Series + Table of Contents

So where were we?

My sincere apologies to the CST blogging community for the delay between posts, I do take the blame and put it down to some poor time management, like not being able to react well, organizationally and metabolically, to the events that would typically follow such conversations:

Everybody: ‘Hey, your assignment’s not due tomorrow is it? 😀

Me: ‘No…but’  😐

Everybody: ‘Let’s go drinking!’  😀

Me: ‘OK!’ 😀

+ =          

Only later to find myself with mates slurring and belting out to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

Enjoyable, though ultimately unhelpful in what turned out to be the most intensive semester of my undergrad. (Btw, congrats and best wishes to those who are graduating and moving on to newer and exciting endeavours!)

But to take any positives out of this situation, I feel to post at this very mature stage of the journey, does position me to have the benefit of extensive reflection and to see things from a bird’s eye view – so that dear readers of this blog may now read my opinions on science communication that are integrative of all that I learnt during the CST course and my rewarding experiences and insightful lessons learnt while out in the field communicating with Princes Hill Secondary College (PHSC) students, in addition to any other science reading or video watching I did during the semester for my neuroscience major.

To this end, I hope that you will still be able to benefit and glean something of value to you, from my blog series, current and future CST students and the wider community, in your experiences communicating science.


Before we resume this journey again together, for clarity and for your convenience, I will briefly outline the topics to be discussed in my blog series:

1 – Qualities of the ‘Great Explainer’ Part 1: Getting Intimate with an Idea

2 – Qualities of the ‘Great Explainer’ Part 2: Jargon v Real Knowledge

3 – Qualities of the ‘Great Explainer’ Part 3: Scientific Integrity / Honesty

4 – Qualities of the ‘Great Explainer’ Part 4: (Dis)Respecting Experts!

5 – What I Learned about Communicating Science out In the Field