Quantum Teleportation

Scientists have just recently managed to successfully transport photons from one location to another using ‘quantum teleportation’. This is nothing relatively new, except that now, the scientists have managed to do so preserving the quantum state of the photon, something that was previously thought impossible.

Following on from my previous post about quantum computing developments, and their importance, the successful transportation of quantum bits or qubits is fundamental for quantum communications and for quantum computers to work properly. As a qubit can carry more information than standard computing bits, the implications for communications technology is incredible. Especially as it can be done via existing optical fibre (go NBN!).

This video I found on youtube was before this had been done successfully but explains the whole concept quite well, it’s kinda long though.

Check out http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2011/04/15/3192505.htm for a bit more info.

One Response to “Quantum Teleportation”

  1. tspai says:

    Wow.. I read about something like this a couple of years ago about where scientists were able to break down the matter in objects and able to reconstruct it (though i do not really remember the size of thee objects). I think they had said they would perform the experiment on living organisms by 2020 which was supposed to bring us one step closer to space travel.