Casino Royale

The first image that pops into your mind when you hear the word casino is an immaculately dressed gambler throwing chips on the table. It’s a scene right out of the movie 21, isn’t it? Casinos are built in a way that they attract more players. Casinos have no clocks or windows for that matter. They have fast tempo music and flashy lights to make you feel extravagant. Their air conditioning is built to pump in more oxygen to invigorate the gamblers .You are go

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ing to see a lot of red inside. The architects that build casinos make sure they build a maze so you get lost on the floors and explore more games. The carpets and portraits have psychedelic designs to not let you feel sleepy. The slot machines make a lot of noise so it can attract attention. You are made to believe that you are almost winning every time you play a slot machine. And to add to the misery, pheromones are sprayed around the slot machines. Pheromones are chemical substances naturally found in the human body. They instill a feeling of euphoria and comfort. Pheromones are detected by Vomeronasal organ in the nose. It then sends a signal to the hypothalamus which is our box of emotions. So, this is how the magic happens. The Casino market uses the science of Psychology to play your mind that in turn makes you play your money. You can kiss your money good bye once you enter a casino.

6 Responses to “Casino Royale”

  1. Neha Patil says:

    I did not know about retail outlets doing that as well.
    You have a heightened sense of smell! very impressive!

  2. Anthony Agosta says:

    You know I have actually noticed that ‘smell’ or fragrance if you will, every time I am near the Southbank area especially near Crown casino. I am also aware of a few retail outlets which employ the same principles to entice customers to make impulse purchases.

  3. Neha Patil says:


  4. Harriet Dashnow says:

    I think that shopping centres use many of the same techniques. No clocks, few windows, bright lights and worst of all the maze-like architecture!

  5. nrp says:

    Most of the casino in the United States use them. Its a banned practise in Britain.

  6. frankie says:

    Pheromones.. how interesting. Is the use of pheromones standard practice across the casinos or are there only a select few that use them?