What extent of magic can a pen be?

Pen has had a long and colorful history, which can be traced back to thousands of years ago. The ancestor of pens in China is Writing Brush, while the Quill Pen was popular in western countries, which was invented by Ancient Egyptians. Then pencil came out. In 1829, pen nib was developed by a British man, which presented a new generation of the pen. When entered into the atomic age, Ball Pen had been widely used till now. In nowadays information age, Digital Pen appears in our views, such as Zpen. It is the product of Dane-Elec, which allows you to write on any kind of paper and covert your handwriting in a digital text.

 Picture 1: The History of Pens (From: google research, re-edited by myself)

In 2008, Colour Picker Pen won the Red Dot Design Award, which is a concept pen designed by Park Jinsun, a South Korean designer. Colour Picker Pen not only can use like a normal pen, but also can scan the colours from anywhere and instantly use these colours for writing or painting. It adopts the eyedropper tool of Photoshop for a real life. Amazing!!!

Picture 2: Colour Picker Pen (From website: Tuvie)

The Colour Picker Pen contains Red, Green and Blue (RGB) Color Sensor, Colour Scan Button, Colour Display and Ball type. Under the Colour Sensor, it is RGB Ink Cartridge. Firstly, put the Pen on the object with the colour you want, and push the Colour Scan Button. Then, the Colour Sensor detects the colour compositions and the RGB Ink Cartridge can mix the same colour. Finally, the colour picked up can be used.

From the introduction of the Colour Picker Pen, I guess that there is no device for the colour store and colour choosing for reusing. It seems just can be pick one colour to use once. If I want to alternate use several kinds of colours once, how the pen can be improved? Can we create a colour library where can store the colours picked from the nature world and give them the specific number? Then when we want to use them later, we can select the colour stored by the selecting button. Moreover, considering the limitation of the storage capacity in the pen, I imagine that maybe it can combine the design of digital pen, allowing the colour stored to be transmitted to the computer and also can be download anytime. If this assumption can be achieved, that will be fantastic and magical! What do you think? What does the future pen in your mind looks like?

Zpen: http://www.danedigital.com/6-Zpen/

Colour Picker Pen: http://www.tuvie.com/color-picker-by-jinsun-park/

6 Responses to “What extent of magic can a pen be?”

  1. anismiera says:

    Wow! The first word came ut when I saw it but then I thought the pen would produce any colour that the pen would scan.
    What about if the pen is applied a system like the printer? The Cartridge should be like the printer?The pen will scan the colour for example a leaf. Than the colour of exactly same as the leaf will produce as printing? It seem complicated because we might have to built some sort of system like a printer? But I think anyone interested should give a try. 🙂 (I’m trying too, maybe??)

    Just an idea that would start a new stage?

  2. mzhao says:

    It is awesome! Would love to have one of the Colour Picker Pen!

  3. Yumin Zhao says:

    When I wrote this, I also reminded the case of “space pen”.

  4. Jan Koeleman says:

    That is indeed very awesome. Your question about the ‘future pen’ did remind me of the urban legend of NASA spending amazing amounts of money to create a ‘space pen’ working without gravity… while the Russians used a pencil (http://www.snopes.com/business/genius/spacepen.asp). Nonetheless, the Colour Picker Pen looks like a fun gadget!

  5. cavallo says:

    Note: “then” in the final sentence of the first paragraph, should read as “rather than’. Oops! How embarrassing.

  6. cavallo says:

    This is just SO cool. Is there nothing we can’t make these days?

    As a *very amateur* artist I would absolutely love to have one of these to carry around with me. I just can’t carry my pencils or watercolours with me everywhere I go, and when I travel I have to be very selective about the few colours I can pack. This would mean I just needed the pen and my art diary. I might feel more inclined to sketch in my moments of boredom, then check Facebook for the zillionth time!

    A neat way to get around the colour-storage limitations might be this:
    Carry around a pocket sized catalogue of colours and just find the one you want to use on the go. Pity you can’t store new colours found in nature, but imagine the hundreds of hues and tints you would have at your disposal, whenever you felt the urge to create.

    Of course I imagine it has a battery that requires charging? Just another thing to add to my personal drain on the planet’s resources.
    However, if they could manage to make it solar powered…