Digital videos produced from thoughts

As some of us are currently working with videos I thought this could be an interesting and somewhat relevant topic. I mean how much easier would it have been to do the assignment if we only had to think of what we wanted to make and watch the finished product appear on a computer screen? No budget or weather issues, and no need for hours of editing. It may sound like a dream, but apparently it’s not too far off.

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It is currently being researched at UC Berkeley as a way to reconstruct internal imagery into a digital visual format. Although the results so far require the use of expensive equipment and a database of reference videos, it is still a massive leap forward in using the understanding of the human brain.  Low quality videos have already been produced using this method, and the technology is sure to keep progressing as time goes by. You can read more about the current research here.

The applications of this technology are huge from the potential use of showing memories or thoughts on screen, to using it in reverse and playing videos completely inside our own heads. It would mean a new age as such in terms of the use of technology for both recreation and for new inventions. I mean fully immersed video games and movies where you are actually able to be inside the world sounds like a great advancement to me.


However this technology could be as much a blessing as a curse as it would lead to the possibility of digital viruses that could be used on the brain, and advanced hackers could potentially be able to see your memories against your will. So although this could open up a vast amount of benefits to society, it would also lead to more problems in the future.

What benefits and problems could you see arising from this new technology if it was ever developed to this level? And what would be your opinion on the use of it?


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I’m sure many sci-fi films have had this theme, but the first thing called to my mind is the classic anime Ghost in the Shell. If you are interested in this topic I highly recommend watching the movie to gain a new appreciation on what this could actually mean in the future.

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4 Responses to “Digital videos produced from thoughts”

  1. Cameron says:

    It’s hard to tell what will result, but chances are the commercialisation of this kind of technology to the public will only create a rift between the rich and the poor as seen many times in the past (and even now to some degree). As with all technology it could be used for good or evil, and you can only hope and trust it is used well.

    And Stacey, I think the crab claw is a little over the top for everyday life. And is also what I mean about using it for evil. A tool for destruction may look and sound cool, but has little chance of being used for good, which is what all technology is essentially meant to be developed for. To help and build, rather than destroy and kill.

  2. jkvz says:

    Marco has a really interesting point; would this technology instil a new kind of class system within society, and end up like something out of Gattaca?

  3. Stacey says:

    Wow! It reminds me of an episode of House, where they use some software to produce an image of what their patient is dreaming about. At the time I was watching it I was thinking “yeah, right” but maybe that’s not as far away as I thought.

    Interesting to think of our world becoming like the Ghost in the Shell universe – I’m both a little scared at the idea, and pretty darn excited to get that crab claw from Ghost in the Shell 2.

  4. Marco says:

    Very interesting Cameron
    My only concern is how corporation would sell this in our modern day society. We are talking about technology that will be costly, and potentially putting an end to traditional methods such as hand writing.
    I marvel at how far this type of tech has come, and although wonderful, I see a threat looming ahead for established societies