Pets !!

So, for my last blog post of the semester I have tried to be more engaging and generate an active discussion. Which is why I have decided to dedicate this post to pets!

It would be remiss of me to talk about pets without introducing my own.Here is my pet Blotched Bluetongue lizard Charmander (For all those pokemon lovers out there, I hope he never evolves into Charmeleon!).

Just some background information on Blotched Blue Tongues:

  • They are found in southeastern parts of Australia, including Tasmania. In the northern parts of their range, such as the central tablelands of NSW, they are restricted to highland areas, whereas in southern Victoria and Tasmania, they can be found along the coast.
  • Growing to between 35-50cm, the lizards are found in wet and dry sclerophyll forests, montane woodlands and coastal heathlands.
  • Their diet consists of leaves, flowers, fruit, slow moving invertebrates and small vertebrates. Charmander loves eating snails and banana in particular.

I have had Charmander for just over a year now, as he was a birthday present from friends for my 21st. In this time he has grown substantially, but he is still as inquisitve as ever. He is my first real pet, apart from the goldfish the family had about ten years ago. I think he is awesome, definately considering bringing in another lizard to the enclosure.

So, feel free to post up cool pictures and a blurb about your own pets, your friends pets, the animals you are studying in your masters or just pictures of animals off the internet. Lets enjoy the wonders that the animal kingdom has to offer.

7 Responses to “Pets !!”

  1. meghanb says:

    Great idea for a post, I love all of your pictures – Charmander certainly is a cutey.
    I used to want to have a pet snake, promising my parents that the moment I moved out I’d be getting a snake (they wouldn’t let me get one while I lived with them, can’t imagine why not…).
    I’ve now been out of their house for about 6 years and still no snake. In the end I decided against it because I wasn’t sure how much a snake would like living with me, so I’m curious – Do you feel like Charmander has bonded with you? It’s obvious you love him, but do you think he loves you? (I know there’s a question mark over whether animals can actually feel love, but you know what I mean – does he seem to like it when you’re around?)
    Perhaps I need to put my pet snake idea back on the table… Although my boyfriend may not like that plan.

  2. Dewar says:

    I feed him a variety of foods. Corn, carrot, cucumber, peas, strawberry, banana are the fruits/vegetables. Also feed him mice meat, crickets and snails

  3. Ginger says:

    I’ve always wanted a blue tongue! Charmander is very cool! Do you feed him crickets or mainly snails and bananas?

  4. Dewar says:

    Rats dont really strike me as a cute animal, but as you said the general perception amongst society isn’t that rats are “pet” animals.

    Charmander does bite, only when he is angry (due to being woken up, when he feels scared etc). I have only been bitten once, as he generally hisses when feeling threatened. His bite doesnt hurt, he just clamps down using his jaw (only has very very small teeth).

  5. Tina says:

    I don’t have any pics to post! But im working with rats everyday for my masters! They’ve never been shown to be cute at all in movies, but once you start working with rats, theyre not too bad! The little ones are even cute, but I never thought I would believe this at all! Does Charmander bite?

  6. Dewar says:

    Thanks Amanda!

    I will post a picture of the enclosure when I get home, but it is about 1 metre by half a metre. He has certainly grown into it now. No permit is required for Blue Tongues, for all other lizards though you need one.

  7. Amanda says:

    I think you have the coolest pet in the world! Charmander, what an awesome name.
    Having a pet blue tongue lizard beats the tiny frogs I owned and fish that my family had.
    Man, I’m jealous- what type of enclosure do you have? And do you need a permit to have one?