Bringing Science to life through Animations

Recently, I had the privilege of visiting the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research to meet up with a Ph.D. student to talk about our group projects. The student was kind enough give me a tour around the building and we encountered this hallway which had interactive screens showing various animations in bright colours. It was beautiful and intriguing.

I was informed that these animations were made by the institute’s resident biomedical animators Drew Barry and Etsuko Uno. Their animations have been widely recognised amongst the scientific community and have won many awards. Some great examples of their work are made freely available to watch because they want to raise public understanding and awareness.

I think animation is a great way of communicating science because it presents information in a visually appealing and real time manner in which you cannot get in any other formats. It also provides audio along with the imagines, so really animation is a multi-pack of media resources. The animators have tried to accurately portray the science in each scenario and have created videos which help the audience understand complex biological processes in an entertaining presentation.