Fat Cavitation: The Easy Way to Lose Fat?

Want an easy way to reduce those inches?

After seeing an advertisement on ‘Groupon’ selling ‘ultrasonic fat cavitation’ for weight loss, it made me wonder how much science is actually involved in these schemes. Will this even work, or is it another opportunity for people to make some big bucks?

'Groupon' voucher - (Source: http://www.groupon.com.au/deals/sydney/-sydney-institute-of-holistic-and-cosmetic-medicine-/715929874)

‘Groupon’ voucher – (Source: http://www.groupon.com.au/deals/sydney/-sydney-institute-of-holistic-and-cosmetic-medicine-/715929874)

Obesity is a significant issue facing many Australians; sometimes simply dieting and exercising is not enough for an individual to lose weight.

Ultrasound Treatment:

The use of an ultrasound treatment at low frequency is said to be successful in reducing unwanted local adipose tissue or fat (Jasminka & Victor, 2010).

The process is non-invasive and non-surgical, so there is no need for a long recovery – this may be the simple way out for us all!

Often, even with exercise and diet, individuals are not always able to lose the extra weight; especially when it comes to our ‘tuckshop arms’ or ‘love handles’, where the fat is fairly stubborn.

The Science:

In terms of the science – ultrasounds waves are said to ‘penetrate’ or go through the skin surface to break down fat cells.

We’re not sure exactly how it works to break down the fat, but the process is basically as follows:

–          After the breakdown or ‘lipolysis’ of fat cells, triglycerides are released in the interstitial fluid, the liquid that is found between our body cells. Triglycerides are the major type of fat within our body, making up 95% of fats.

–          The body breaks down the triglyceride into its two components called glycerol and fatty acids.

–          The fatty acids are metabolised by the liver, whilst the glycerol (water soluble) is passed through the interstitial fluids, and excreted as waste or also metabolised through the liver.

So ultimately, once these fat cells are broken down, the body tries to use them or remove them for good!

Based on people’s experiences, you would require 3 to 4 treatments, spaced about 3 weeks apart to see any changes. You would generally expect to notice 2-3 inches of fat loss after this time frame.

Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation - (Source: http://sexysolutions.com.ph/services_faqs.php?page=2)

Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation – (Source: http://sexysolutions.com.ph/services_faqs.php?page=2)

The process is said to be safe as the ‘acoustic waves’ used are only applied to the selected area, not causing any damage to the nearby blood vessels, nerve, connective tissues or skin.

Scientific Research Evidence:

A recent peer reviewed scientific study showed that following the ultrasonic cavitation therapy (or vacuum therapy), patients were measured to have a reduced fat thickness and circumference. However, these individuals did not actually lose any weight (as in weight loss) or experience any changes in levels of cholesterol, triglycerides or liver markers (Jasminka & Victor, 2010).

Sounds like theres a little more science involved that I thought – but I wouldn’t trust this until I did some more research!


Jasminka, S., Victor, P (2010), ‘Reduction of Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue Using a Novel Vacuum-Cavitation Technology, Acta Dermatovenerologica Albanica’, pp.71-75.

3 Responses to “Fat Cavitation: The Easy Way to Lose Fat?”

  1. Catherine says:

    But does it actually reduced body size…as in reduction of love handles. Etc

  2. Tina Hosseini says:

    Yes – people are definitely burning money! These sort of services require multiple visits – and can become extremely pricey!

  3. Bang Tran says:

    Haha, this is interesting. So it means that there is high chance that many people are burning money for these fat cavitation service. 😀