Welcome to Scientific Scribbles: Class of 2013

Hi Communicating Science and Technology and Science Communication students,

It is such a pleasure to welcome you to our class blog Scientific Scribbles. Please make this space your own – I can’t wait to read your thoughts, ideas and reflections about science and its role in society.

This is a great place to share links to articles, videos and images that you think others might enjoy. And remember to come here every week, read what your classmates have been writing and leave your comments.

I’m going to get the ball rolling by encouraging you all to watch this video “The key to effective educational science videos”: http://talentsearch.ted.com/video/Derek-Muller-The-key-to-effecti;TEDSydney.

Derek Muller is a fabulous science communicator (this is his TED audition talk) and his research about how we actually learn about science (and get past our misconceptions) is fascinating.

You can check out more of Derek’s videos here: http://www.veritasium.org/

You’ll all be invited to become authors on the blog next week.